overnight care for the elderly

The cost of overnight care for the elderly will differ depending on the type of service that your loved one needs. Overnight home care allows a loved one to stay in the comfort of their own home whilst a carer comes to help support their nighttime routine. 

This applies to medication, food, and helping them get into bed every night; this service is available to the elderly who may need some extra support.

What Is Overnight Care for the Elderly and When Should You Consider It?

It’s not always clear when the best time is for home care services to be considered. Family and friends often resort to this after their loved one develops an illness or has an injury, but it’s important to remember that during times of change anyone can use an extra helping hand. 

Overnight care for the elderly is a flexible service that can benefit your loved one, the family, and any existing carers. The purpose of this service is to provide support during the evenings and through the night in order to maintain a good quality of life while ensuring your loved one is happy, healthy and safe in their own home. 

Learn more about what overnight home care is, the benefits, and alternative options that may work better for your loved one’s requirements.

How Much Does Overnight Care for the Elderly Cost?

At Verina Daly Care, overnight home care is the ideal service for those looking for additional support with evening routines. Not only are we here to provide companionship and comfort to your loved one, we’re also here to help with mealtimes, medication, bathroom visits and getting your family member ready for bed and safely tucked in every night.

Our overnight home care service can be provided from 19:00pm – 07:00am, so you can be confident knowing your loved one will be cared for through the night until the following morning. 

Fees range from £24 for 45 minutes to £22 an hour for block shifts. For more information on the cost of overnight care for the elderly, contact the Verina Daly Care team or take a look at our FAQs.

Other Elderly Home Care Options 

24-hour live-in care is chosen by families as an alternative to care homes. Even though care homes provide overnight services, live-in care can offer the same support but in the comfort of your loved one’s home. This helps your relative to maintain their independence and keep them familiar with their surroundings, rather than making it an emotional and daunting time.

If overnight care is not required but an emergency situation occurs, then Verina Daly Care also offers an out of hours service. An unexpected change in circumstances may result in your loved one requiring support, even if they do not require this service in their day to day lives. Out of hours care for the elderly can range from assisting with falls, to simply conducting telephone check-ins, our team can also be registered as a first care responder if family members live too far away.  

Quality Overnight Care for Your Loved Ones

We’ve seen how the smallest of regular care visits can drastically improve the quality of our clients’ lives. 

With a range of support options available, we’re here to help ensure clients can still live their lives to the fullest. View our Facebook to see what a day at Verina Daly Care looks like!

If you’d like to learn how we can support you or your loved one, please get in touch with a friendly member of the team!

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