Our Story

Verina Daly Care was founded in September 2011 by Verina Daly, to create a dedicated service which focused on providing exceptional medical and personal care.

How We Began

Verina founded VDC drawing on her knowledge and experience from hospitals, residential homes and home care agencies. Verina felt that she could do things differently and following her values.

VDC was founded with a loyal and caring team. A team that has the same goal in mind, to keep the client happy. Verina installs high standards and confidence within the team. Giving value to wearing a VDC uniform, representing reliability, honesty and compassion.

Our team remembers every detail about our clients. We support every want and need our client has. Helping them to run their lives; we can attend appointments, order medication, do the shopping, and more! We provide full support to help clients live their lives to the fullest.

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Passionate About Care

Verina’s passionate commitment to the care sector began with her own experience of her grandmother’s challenges in later life:

“My motivation for pursuing a career in healthcare from a young age was my grandparents, who I loved very much. My Grandfather passed away after a stroke, my Grandmother became ill and overwhelmingly depressed. She stopped taking her medication knowing she would quickly deteriorate as a result. I strove to be that happy face that kept her from fading away alone, providing crucial contact and support. I passionately believe that, regardless of their condition, no one should ever feel as alone or helpless as she did.”

Over the years, VDC has grown, employing a team of staff and becoming a limited company, but Verina’s original ethos has never changed:

‘Our main focus is, and always will be, the best standard of care and support for each and every one of our clients in their own home.’

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Overall Rating: Good

“People’s individual needs and preferences were known and understood by staff which meant that they received a person-centred service.”
Read our report in full and discover more about why our overall rating is good!

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