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VDC provide a fully flexible home care service, tailored to your needs from our Head Office located in Droxford throughout Hampshire.

For a non-obligatory chat or assessment please call your local branch on the number below.

24 Hour Home Care Services

Our 24-hr home care is covered by local carers on a shift basis on a 3 week on, 3 weeks off basis. As our team of carers are local, you will have the same team of caring people on rotation. You will always have a friendly and familiar face to care for you.

With this type of home care, we will look after every aspect of running the home and assist with every need that a client may have. This includes, however, is not limited to; personal care, companionship, appointments including friend and family engagements, and much more!

Everything that a member of the family does for their loved one to keep them safe and happy, we will do on your behalf. Our carers will require sleeping and bathroom facilities, but they will provide their own food.

Home care services provided by Verina Daly Care
Home care services provided by Verina Daly Care

Specialist Home Care

We have carers which specialise in caring for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, end of life and 24-hour care services. 

Our team of friendly trained caregivers can be here to support you.

Families are now looking to home care providers for specialist care, rather than making the decision to choose a residential care home. Allowing their loved ones to remain at home where they are in familiar surroundings and environments.

Verina Daly Care Complex Care Services

Complex Care

Our Complex Care services are designed to cater to individuals with specific and complex medical needs. With our experienced team of carers, we can provide exceptional support for various conditions, including PEG, Stoma, Tracheostomy, Respiratory issues, Seizures, and AVAP/BIPAP/CPAP.

Our staff undergo rigorous training at our head office and receive specialised training in the patient’s own home to adapt to specific requirements. Our dedicated complex care team is committed to providing continuity of care and developing a deep understanding of each patient’s condition.

4 Questions to Ask Your Home Carer

When searching for suitable and quality home carer, it can be stressful and overwhelming to find the best care agency to suit your needs. To help make this search easier, we’ve created a list of 4 questions to ask your home carer. Asking these questions to each agency can help you discover which agency is most suitable for the care you need and more importantly, can support your lifestyle and wishes most!

Home care services provided by Verina Daly Care
Club 1

Protecting Seniors from Fraud

Your home is where you should feel the safest. However, scammers have continually found devious methods to invade security by targeting people, more often than not seniors through online activities, post and phone.

Although any individual could fall victim to fraud, more often than not, scammers target the elderly as they’re more likely to be receptive to the scammer’s opportunist advances.

Overall Rating: Good

“People’s individual needs and preferences were known and understood by staff which meant that they received a person-centred service.”
Read our report in full and discover more about why our overall rating is good!

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