24 Hour
Home Care Service

We work in partnership with your local Healthcare Professionals. Including your GP and Community Nursing teams to ensure you get exactly the support you need.

24 Hour Home Care

Our 24 hour home care service is covered by local carers on a shift basis on a 3 week on, 3 weeks off basis. As our team of carers are local to Hampshire, you will have the same team of caring people on rotation. You will always have a friendly and familiar face to care for you.

With 24 hour care at home, we will look after every aspect of running the home and assist with every need that a client may have. This includes, but is not limited to; personal care, companionship, appointments including friend and family engagements, and much more!

Everything that a member of the family does for their loved one to keep them safe and happy, we will do on your behalf. Our carers will require sleeping and bathroom facilities and meals provided.

Fees range from £1400pw for live-in care, further fees apply if a second carer should be required, discover more about our 24 hour home care pricing.

Home Care Services Hampshire
24 Hour Home Care Hampshire

Live-In Care

Live-In Care is chosen by many families as a viable alternative to a residential care home. Our Live-in Care service can offer you a solution if you require 24/7 care and support with day to day living in your own home.

We offer you the option to maintain your independence and continue living in your own familiar surroundings with one to one care. We understand it can be an emotional and daunting time when the need arises to have continuous care and support to enable you to remain living at home, this is why at Verina Daly Care we make it easy for you to remain independent.

Fees range from £1400pw, discover more.

Call ‘Out of Hours’

We can’t always plan when care is needed. A sudden change of circumstances could mean that you may not be able to support yourself at home.

This may be due to many reasons; which is why at Verina Daly Care we provide emergency home care services. 

We can come out and assist with falls with our lifting equipment. Also, we can do telephone checks and reminders. We can also be registered as a first care responder if the family lives too far away.

Fees range from £37 for a weekend call out to £3 for a telephone check, discover more.

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overnight home care in Hampshire

Overnight Care

With our overnight care service we are there to support with supper, medication, and tucking your loved one into bed.

Through the night any needs will be met, including bathroom visits, bed or pad changes, providing hot or cold drinks. In addition to companionship, reassurance and providing comfort for your loved one.

Our overnight home care can be provided from 19:00 – 7:00. Fees range from £24 for 45 minutes to £24 an hour for block shifts, discover more.

Signs You Could Benefit from Home Care Services

It isn’t always clear when the best time to benefit from home care services is. Often, individuals wait until after an injury or illness to consider further support. But, any changes subtle or big can indicate a need for extra support and most importantly, it doesn’t have to necessitate a move to assisted living either. Ultimately, involving a flexible home care service can benefit both the individual and their family caregivers, helping to improve the quality of life in your own home.

home care services Hampshire

Other Home Care Services

Our expert home care services can be tailored to your needs. Our highly trained staff can cover a range of medical and personal care needs. Discover more of our services.

Complex Care

Complex Care

Our staff are specially trained to provide complex home care, tailored to every patient’s particular needs.
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Specialist Care

Specialist Care

We have carers which specialise in caring for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, end of life and 24-hour care.
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Overall Rating: Good

“People’s individual needs and preferences were known and understood by staff which meant that they received a person-centred service.”
Read our report in full and discover more about why our overall rating is good!

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