For individuals living with dementia and Alzheimer’s, a lack of stimulation and boredom can be very frustrating. Taking part in activities for dementia that stimulate and engage can improve wellbeing and quality of life.

In World Alzheimer’s Report in 2011, it was recommended that cognitive stimulation for those with mild to moderate stages of dementia can improve cognitive function, reduce agitation and promote happiness.

Activities for dementia should aim to stimulate both mental and social functionality. Activities can be within a group setting or one-on-one and should be tailored to the individual’s interests and abilities.

Our following 6 activities can help provide stimulating activity ideas and their benefits. 

Being Socially Active

Keeping in touch and building new bonds with people is good for mental wellbeing and confidence. A variety of social interaction can provide more opportunities for connection. Such as local groups, visiting family, or calling friends over the phone. We’ve found a simple chat with a cup of tea also provides a wealth of benefits too. 

Socialising Through Technology

If social interaction can feel overwhelming in groups, technology such as tablets and smartphones can help keep people connected. Allowing you to email, message and video chat at your pleasure and on your terms. There is also a wealth of dementia-friendly apps that can help engage with a range of activities. 

Encourage Physically Activities

Staying active can help regulate sleep and contribute to a positive mood. Physical activities could include a walk around the park or neighbourhood. Doing some light stretches and movements every day at home. At local centres, they often run classes for the elderly such as group classes, water aerobics and activities to promote movement. 

Reminisce Together

Thinking back on memories stimulates the long-term memory which often remains strong for individuals with dementia. Activities could include creating memory boxes, looking through photos and creating albums. Ask about favourite memories, holidays or oldest friends. When we reminisce about good times, it can promote happiness and sharing these memories can build social connections with others as well. 

Favourite Past-Time Activities

As well as reminiscing, why not partake in favourite past-times too. Such as enjoying a hobby together or watching sport. Listening and dancing to music can also have a powerful comforting effect. Helping to soothe and stimulate memories and emotions.

These nostalgic stimulating actives can help individuals with dementia to connect with their past. 

Get into Nature 

Simply connecting with nature in a garden or park can help stimulate the senses. Perhaps some light gardening can benefit, or a trip to the local garden centre. The calmness of nature is the perfect place for fresh air, exercise and social interaction.

If the above activities are too much, focus on tasks that can be simplified focusing on sight, hearing, touch, taste, or smell. Don’t focus on the progress or results of the activity, the most important part is the enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment for the person with dementia. 

We’re Here to Help

Here at Verina Daly Care, we understand it can be a difficult time when trying to respond to behaviour patterns that seem out of character. Our team of friendly trained caregivers can be here to support you in the situations caused by Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Families are now looking to home care providers for support with Alzheimer’s and Dementia care, rather than making the decision to choose a residential care home, allowing their loved ones to remain at home where they are in familiar surroundings and environments.

We are now taking consultation bookings for anyone that wishes to discuss any of our professional home care services in more detail. The management team in the office would be happy to speak with you at any time so please get in touch.

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